Natasha Deen, LCPC, NCC

Our culture, identities, experiences of marginalization, and familial roles impact how we navigate the world and can make living authentically complex. Our unique experiences can leave us feeling misunderstood, alone, and plagued by worry.

Life’s challenges can cause sleep issues, struggles with concentration, and increased guilt, shame, and irritability. Becoming empowered and confident comes with challenges, like isolation and changes in your relationship dynamics. I’m dedicated to collaborating with you to reflect on and understand the root of your problems to unlearn and challenge negative thought patterns. You’ll be equipped with skills and knowledge that you can use throughout your life to continuously accomplish your goals.

I also incorporate brainspotting which helps target issues at the root but is also useful for many other issues as well. Brainspotting is a form of therapy that helps our bodies heal itself through eye positioning. It is a powerful way to do deeper work that allows for more effective and long-lasting change. Brainspotting could be a good fit for you if you feel like you’ve talked through as much as you could in therapy, but are still feeling stuck.

For more information, schedule a FREE consult call with me! Therapy isn’t easy, but there is always growth in discomfort.

Licensed in Virginia and Maryland.